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Other publications

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2013-09-23: CJSR 88.5 FM TERRA INFORMA. A radio interview on the consequences of the ELA closure on our funded whole-lake experiment.

2013-10-23: TFO (Television Francaise Ontario). Short documentary on the ELA and the state of science funding to be broadcast September 2013 on the news show 360.

2013-09-23: RADIO-CANADA (CBC-TV):  A report on the closure of ELA  as part of a series on "Harper's Canada" ("Le Canada de Stephen Harper") on CBC's Le Téléjournal  (the french version of The National).

2013-03-31: RADIO-CANADA (CBC Radio): "La clef dans le lac" a radio broadcast for the information show "Les Années Lumières"

2013-03-19: RADIO-CANDA (CBC Radio): An interview on the radio on the Experimental Lakes Area for the news show "Pas de Midi sans Info".

2008-11-13: CHEX TV (CBC): An interview on my public lecture on the future of water on Peterborough's Newswatch (local news)

Text interviews

2015-10-26: WIRED: "Canada's New Government May Be a New Beginning for Science"

2015-FALL: WESTERN CANADA WATER MAGAZINE: "Experimental Lakes Area - the world-class freshwater resource you need for world-class wastewater engineering" (volume 67, issue 3)

2015-05-08: J-SOURCE: "Failing to create information"

2015-07-02: RESEARCH MATTERS: "Watershed finding"

2015-05-19: LET'S TALK STORY: "Concern over muzzling of scientists, focus of bargaining, protests"

2015-02-09: ARTHUR: "Lake Erie still a poster child for pollution problems finds Trent-led project"

2015-01-19- ARTHUR: "Trent professor helps find missing link in climate assessment".

2014-12-23- PETERBOROUGH EXAMINER"Human disturbance to land releases "old carbon" into rivers."

2014-05-05 - INNOVATION.CA (CFI): "Tiny particles, big questions".

2014-Spring - COTTAGE LIFE: "Parsing the waters".

2014-01-20 - GLOBE AND MAIL: "Ontario proposal would let scientists resume Experimental Lakes Area work".

2014-01-20 - ARTHUR: "Get Science Right" Panel Shows How Gov't is Getting it Wrong"

2014-01-13 - ARTHUR: "Trent Science in Review: looking back at 2013"

2013-12-10 - PETERBOROUGH EXAMINER: "Panel of experts says government has been attacking science".

2013-12-09 - PETERBOROUGH EXAMINER: "Science Under Attack".

2013-08-31 - POSTMEDIA NEWS (WINDSOR STAR, MONTREAL GAZETTE, OTTAWA CITIZEN, CANADA.COM, etc):"Federal government, Ontario and think tank extend lifeline to freshwater research site"; also "Environmental Lakes facility gets lifeline".

2013-08-31 - NATURE: "Last minute reprieve for Canada's research lakes" (posted online August 31st, 2013, printed in September 5 2013 issue: Nature doi:10.1038/nature.2013.13660).

2013-06-06 - THE WALRUS: "TROUBLED WATERS: The Experimental Lakes project has influenced environmental policy around the world. So why would the Harper government abandon it?" (July 2013 issue)

2013-04-24 - NATURE: "Glimmer of hope for freshwater research site." Nature News (Hannah Hoag)

2013-04-09 - THE CATALYST: "Nanosilver experiment faces uncertain future"

2013-04-05 - NATURE: "Canada shutters research lakes facility" Nature News (Hannah Hoag)

2013-03-20 - CBC NEWS: "Biologist pleads with DFO to lift ELA summer science ban" Inside Politics (Kady O'Malley).

2013-03-20 - THE CANADIAN PRESS (TORONTO STAR, MacLeans, Global News, The Record, The Tyee, etc"Scientists question conservative move to shutter freshwater research facility" also "Scientists decry lost freshwater research"

2013-03-20 - RADIO-CANADA (CBC NEWS): "Lacs expérimentaux : des études payées interrompues"

2013-03-20 - GLOBE AND MAIL: "Tories take heat in House on science policy, closing research station"

2013-03-19 - METRO: "Fin de l'accès à la région des Lacs expérimentaux".

2013-03-16 - GLOBE AND MAIL: "As dismantling begins, shuttering of research station called a 'travesty'"

2012-11-14- ARTHUR: "Trent Research threatened by the closure of ELA"

2012-11-01- SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN: "Freshwater fish are dying at alarming rates" (November 2012 issue).

2012-11-01- ALTERNATIVES JOURNAL: "ELA alumni make a splash".

2012-10-01 -CANADIAN GEOGRAPHIC: "Field station woes" (October 2012 issue).

2012-06-18 - INNOVATION ANTHOLOGY: "World-renowned research facility closure threatens invaluable water studies"

2009-02-20 - Kawartha Lakes This Week: "Climate change: are we running out of time?"

2009-02-02 - WATER TREATMENT: "Today's downpour, tomorrow's crisis"

2009-01-01 - COUNTRY GUIDE AND ALBERTA FARMER EXPRESS: "Farms suspected to spur rivers' carbon output".

2008-12-27 - PETERBOROUGH EXAMINER: "Eco-farming may help rivers"

2008-12-22 - AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE (AFP; Paris) (e.g., Edmonton Journal, Taipei Times, Mother Nature Network, Yahoo News, France 24 News, AAJ TV Pakistan, Yahoo 7 News, Terra Daily, The Australian, Gulf Times): "Intensive, chemical-laden agriculture could trigger the release of carbon dioxide from river systems "

2008-12-22 - CANADIAN CATTLEMEN: "Agriculture rivers might release carbon dioxide"

2008-11-14 - PETERBOROUGH EXAMINER: "Trent experts ponder how to keep water safe"

2008-05-09 - PETERBOROUGH EXAMINER: "Trent Prof studying potential dangers of nanomaterials"